[LGBT] at Tyria Pride 2018

On the weekend of June 23rd and 24th at 16:00 CEST will be held a 3rd annual Tyria Pride March. [LGBT] will march alongside other LGBT guilds and players, to show off our pride in the gamer community. Come join us and enjoy the banter, meet more gaymers of Tyria and confuse players on the… Continue reading [LGBT] at Tyria Pride 2018


We’re Ready To Welcome You Again!

Dear Future Toys, After a few weeks of recruitment pause we're at it again with the invitations. If you have already sent an application, you should've received an in-game invite to our guild. Don't be shy! Introduce yourself to us, chat with our members, get to know each other! We don't bite - not in… Continue reading We’re Ready To Welcome You Again!


[LGBT] Now Has A Website

We are getting new member requests every day and are continuously growing. To make the process of inviting people a little bit more efficient and less time-consuming for our officers, we are implementing this website. Players that would like to join our guild can use our Contact Form to apply - and an officer will… Continue reading [LGBT] Now Has A Website